The Independent Left

The Independent Left is a leftist student organization at the  University of Helsinki. We gather a wide spectrum of leftist people over and outside party lines. The Independent Left is independent of all political parties. We proudly fight for ecology, anti-militarism, feminism, LGBTQ rights and democracy on both local and global scales.

In the Representative Council of our student union we form a group called ”Maailmanpyörä” (World/Ferris wheel) with the Greens.

HYY’s Representative Council Elections – Vote the Independent Left!, our election programme of 2016!

You can contact us by email at or our president Taavi Heikkilä taavi.heikkila(at)

If you’d like to publish your text on our internet media, send a text of at least 3500 characters that you’re content with and we’ll get back to you. Address for texts is: amos.wallgren(at) If you’d like to publish something else than text contact us anyway!


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