The Independent Left


The Independent Left is a leftist student organization at the University of Helsinki that was founded in 1983. We gather a wide spectrum of leftist people over and outside party lines. The Independent Left is independent of all political parties. We proudly fight for ecology, anti-militarism, feminism, LGBTQ rights and democracy on both local and global scales. We organize discussion events, panels, tours, meetings, parties, demos and other activities.

You can become a member here.

We also publish Toimenpide, our annual magazine. You can find both more serious and lighter leftist journalism in Toimenpide. The magazine is distributed, for example, at the University’s opening carnival, around campuses and at the Independent Left’s office in Ulrika, Leppäsuonkatu 11. You can find the archive for Toimenpide here. 

Independent Left has as of now nine seats in the HYY Representative Council. We form a group called ”Maailmanpyörä” (Ferris wheel) with the Helsinki University Greens.

In the Student Union, Independent Left focuses on the importance of  the livelihood and equality of students and promotes open and fair decisionmaking. At Ylva (formerly HYY Group), we work to promote environmentally friendly and socially sustainable business. You can read about our program here.

Questions? You can contact the board of Independent Left by email at sitvas-hallitus(at) and our chair Fiona Helminen at fiona.helminen(at)



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